Am I a Member?

Check Your Membership Status

Can't remember whether you've paid this year's dues or not? You can look up your account in our PT Avenue system. Follow the steps below. And if you have any questions, contact the PTSA here to send an email - someone will answer you as soon as possible.



STEP 1. Click here to go to PT Avenue and type "ARS PTSA" in the Organization Code field.  Click the Enter button.

STEP 2. Click the Register button.

STEP 3. Enter your first and last name. Select "Parent or Guardian" from the Member Type drop-down list. If you have paid your membership fee this year or in prior years, the system will find your name (see the right side of the screenshot below). You can try nicknames or other family members' names if you think your membership might have been recorded under a different name.  

If your name is in the system, it will tell you on the right whether you've paid. The screenshot above shows a person who hasn't paid yet.

STEP 4. If your name was listed and you haven't paid your dues, please skip to Step 7 to pay. If your name isn't in the system, click on "I am not in this list" and then fill out the following form. Note that you can add your name to the Volunteer list and indicate which activities you might like to volunteer for. 

STEP 5. Click on the "Add New Primary Contact" button.

STEP 6. Next, click the "Click to Finish button. 

STEP 7. To pay your membership fees, click the large green button that says either "New Family Added! Please Click to Pay Dues Now." or "Please click to pay dues now through the online store."

STEP 8. Fill out the form on the right to create your account.

STEP 9. Scroll down and select the PTSA Enrichment fee plus Membership item.

STEP 10. Click the "Enrichment/Membership Combo" field in the box on the lower right.

STEP 11. Click the "Add to Cart" button.

STEP 12. From here, you can scroll down to select additional family ($7) or student ($4.50) memberships or other products, or you can click the checkout button.

STEP 13. When you are ready to check out, click the "Checkout" button, enter the name you'd like the fees to be listed under, and then click "Save Memberships and Continue." People usually enter their name in this field - it doesn't need to be your child's name.

STEP 14. Finally, choose whether you'd like to pay online by credit card or to print the bill and mail it to the school and complete your transaction.